Pillow Buying Guide For Side Sleepers

For a good sleep, a great pillow will always come in handy. While a pillow’s primary purpose is to align your head with your neck as you sleep, choosing one right for you is not that simple. You first have to establish what kind of a sleeper you are. For side sleepers, you will need a pillow that is best suited for that position. Maintaining a straight neck is one of the most important factors when choosing a pillow for side sleepers. To help you make the right decision, this pillow buying guide for side sleepers should be your reference tool.

Buying Side Sleepers

Foam or latex pillows will be good for youpillows

You should buy a contoured or conventional latex or memory foam pillow (they have been reviewed among the best choices for side sleepers). This type does not flatten fast. Besides, it is best suited to keep a good alignment between your head and the curve of the neck. You should avoid down and polyester pillow for they may not give you a comfort patching point every time you want to sleep.

About the pillow height

Side sleepers always want some good breathing space between your face and the mattress. That is why the height of your pillow is an important consideration before you make a purchase decision. Generally, your pillow should be 10 centimeters off the mattress or an equivalent of 4 inches. This will support your alignment at a comfortable position and give you adequate breathing room.

How much do you intend to spend on your pillow?

Once all is said and done, it always boils down to money. You can get a pillow for as little as $2.50 and as high as $150. While you should go for the best bargain, a lowly priced pillow may not give you a good service. It will easily lose its firmness and your sleeping will not be as enjoyable as before. For the high-end pillows, you should also be careful with them because they may not be worth their asking prices. Settle for some moderate price for your pillow. These are good and their prices are not exaggerated.

Test it before you buy

Just like you would lie on a mattress before you buy it, you should do the same with your side sleeping pillow. Try to slouch on it for a few minutes. If it is all comfortable, it is very likely that it will be great for you.

Other things you should consider

woman smiling on bedIf you have any other sleep related problems, you should make sure the kind of pillow you buy will help you with them. There are pillows specifically designed to deal with these problems such as snoring, sleep apnea, back and neck pain. Ensure that as you choose your side sleeping pillow that you will get the other problems addressed as well.

Buying the appropriate pillow for your sleeping position should always be a top consideration as you go out shopping. Your sleep comfort should not be taken lightly and you should do everything to ensure that nothing compromises on that comfort.