Things to Keep in Mind Even After Being Fully Vaccinated

While there are contradicting ideas about vaccination against COVID 19. It is good that you are now fully vaccinated. With all the uncertainties we are facing during these times, it is better to trust the experts. Undoubtedly, we are far safer there than to trust unfounded opinions.

We cannot still say that we are back to once we were before the pandemic. On the other hand, we cannot say that we are still on the same situation when the pandemic just broke out. What is certain is that we are progressing because of the rigid vaccination roll out everywhere else.

But just as experts say that the vaccines do not guarantee 100% protection from contacting the disease, we should still take extra precautions. With all the strains of coronavirus coming up, the various vaccines may not be able to defend you from getting infected. But still, getting vaccinated is beneficial as it helps you to have milder manifestations of COVID.

So after getting the vaccines, you have yet to follow the following precautions.

Not Fully Vaccinated Individuals Should Always Wear Masks

Generally, in indoor spaces, you should still wear masks, most especially if there are more people around the area. In outdoor venues, there may be no need to wear masks. But if there seem to be more people, wearing a mask is a wiser choice. You should also wear a mask when doing activities requiring close contact.

Fully Vaccinated Persons With Weak Immunity Should Wear Masks

Individuals with lowered immunity are not safe against COVID 19 even if they receive full vaccination. This means that they should wear masks all the time. These individuals include those having particular medical conditions and those who are taking some medications. If your doctor did not advised you yet,, you should follow precautions for unvaccinated individuals.

Fully Vaccinated Individuals Should Sill Wear Masks Indoors

The Delta strain of the coronavirus is a highly transmittable variant of the coronavirus. This is the reason why transmission in many places around the world is still at a very high rate. Even if you received full vaccination, you should always wear a mask in a place where the Delta variant is suspected. Whether you are indoors or outdoors as long as there are crowds, wearing a mask should should always be a top concern.

Indeed, while we are enjoying a more laxed environment now, we should never let our guards down. We still need to wear mask.