How a Kneeling Chair Can Fix Your Posture
Kneeling ChairI’ve struggled with posture and back problems for several years, so I decided to give kneeling chairs a try after hearing about them from my co-workers. I’ll admit, when I was shopping for one, the overall design seemed a little strange so I was skeptical.


Like the name suggests, you actually are in a kneeling position, and the chair I chose had a bottom like a rocking chair that could move. The salesman explained that the movement activated core muscles and improved posture as well as increased alignment of the spine.

I went with a top rated model called the Varier Variable kneeling chair from modeets. This is an economical choice, so for someone who wasn’t sure about the benefits, it made sense to chose a mid-range model.

When I first started using this chair, I was surprised at how active I had to be. It took some time to get used to, but I noticed at the end of the day that my back felt great and I didn’t have any pressure buildup in my knees at work. Also, on a related note, because the chair actually created movement, I felt as though I concentrated more on my work during the day.

green Kneeling ChairsThis kneeling chair was a great choice for me, especially starting out. I would like to try other models from Modeets, especially since there are a variety of designs and styles.

Also, I do still keep my desk chair around and use it occasionally, so this chair may be used to supplement your typical desk or office chair. I would recommend this chair as well as similar styles to anyone who has back problems or difficulty maintaining posture. Overall, this kneeling chair is an affordable option that helps improve your posture, reduces pressure on your back and knees, and even increases concentration and focus.

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