Should we Replace Classroom Chairs with Yoga Balls?

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Known by different names such as stability balls or exercise balls, their use has been strictly limited to gyms and office spaces till now. However, many teachers have started exploiting the captivating potential of these balls while dealing with kids and their concentration powers.

At first glance, the idea of replacing school chairs with these balls may seem ghastly, yet the benefits are seemingly unending. School chairs with their rigidity and lack of mobility, lead to lesser blood flow and a lethargic temperament. This finally culminates into a narrow attention span for the students, as many feel drowsy and devoid of energy.

As compared to this traditional approach which is highly enervating, yoga ball chairs with their characteristic movement ensure that the students are in a constant state of mobility. This helps the students to remain focused and attentive. While allowing the students to choose their posture while sitting, teachers enable them to be more lively and energetic.

Another added benefit with the yoga balls is that the posture is apt for students to study. The absence of a back-rest guarantees that the students would be unable to slouch. This is a much desired improvement over normal school chairs which are the perfect recipe for a good afternoon nap.

woman hug yoga ballThere are so many ways in which one could rest on these balls. Some like to sit straight up while others prefer to rest with their stomach down. Everyone has their own unique posture where they find their optimum comfort, which is a significant departure from the conventional use that we come across with school chairs.
Recent surveys conducted have conclusively shown that students using these stability balls, actively participated in classroom discussions and concentrated on lectures for longer periods of time. If the reviews given by students are good and the performance seen by the teachers is more than satisfactory, then why not replace the old school chairs with yoga ball chairs?

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