Chiang Mai – A Dream Holiday Destination For Relaxation

Chiang Mai is located in the north of Thailand. It is among the most cultural and history-rich areas within Thailand along with being exceptionally stunning. This makes it an ideal destination for holidaymakers of all sizes and shapes. Whether you are interested in checking out the natural jungles, trekking through the mountains that encircle this gorgeous city or delving into the large variety of stores and Chiang Mai’s best american restaurant. You will certainly not be disappointed with what Chiang Mai has to offer. As a city with a plethora of activities readily available, it also makes the best option for a family holiday where everyone can find something to match their wants.


Chiang Mai lake view The geography of the area makes the best option to the beach surroundings found in other areas of Thailand. Vast mountains form a ring around the city. Combined with the lavish tropical greenery the landscapes of Chiang Mai is not to be missed out. To take advantage of the climate the best time to check out is usually considered to be in between December and February as the daytime is still warm. However, the nights are much cooler and more enjoyable. The daytime temperature levels of around 24 degrees Celsius are far more enjoyable for trekking than the hotter humid months of July and August.

Shopping & Food

For those who love shopping Chiang Mai is a buyer’s paradise. Not only is there the more standard style markets for which Bangkok is popular, however there are also many shopping centers to suit every budget. Thailand is renowned for its silk, and the many factories making this world renowned silk are situated near Chiang Mai. What better place to get a glamorous silk headscarf for you and even as a present for a friend?

woman with long hair
If you are less thinking about haggling in a crowded marketplace, Chiang Mai is presently establishing its retail sector with a big variety of brand-new shopping center developments. You can go shopping and whenever you feel hungry and want to have a bite you can find many food outlets in and around the city. From authentic Thai dished to incredible burgers Chiang Mai has food to please any taste.


Chiang Mai has hundreds of Buddhist Temples, and a variety of Buddhist celebrations are held throughout the year such as the Light celebration. These celebrations are a fantastic experience and help you get a complete cultural experience on your holiday.