Ways to Boost Your Recovery After Receiving a Facial Contouring Procedure

To some people, having an asymmetrical face is a severe problem. Their confidence may come at the cost. And when a person loses his/her confidence, all the other aspects of life will get negatively affected.

It is alright and healthy to get cosmetic surgery to increase life quality. And once you have done it, you should be focusing more on the recovery, and not on how other people judge you.

Read this article to know the ways of boosting the post-surgery recovery.

Keep your hygiene

tooth paste and brushHygiene is one of the keys to fast recovery. Poor hygiene will lead you to infection, and once you suffer from bacterial infection, your surgery wound is also at risk of not healing properly.

Facial contouring procedures, such as jaw contouring, reduce the jaw bone’s volume. And for the first two to three weeks, you will experience swelling and drooling.

Do not overlook the pain you have, and always do a regular consultation with the expert. Whenever you have a persisting pain, even as trivial as a toothache, perceive it as a dental emergency situation. Eliminate all the risks as best as you can.

Eat nutritious food

foodThe second key to fast recovery is a well-nourished body. Imagine nutrition as the fuel of the body. It powers the body to move and to regenerate.

What happens during recovery is that the cells in your body are repairing themselves. Facial contouring surgery is termed ‘invasive’ because it involves sawing off facial parts, tissue rearrangement, and multi incisions. There is countless cell loss during the operation.

Nutritious food helps your cells to multiply faster and easier. Vitamins, minerals, and protein are the three substances that can improve cells activity. Lean protein sources, like chicken breasts, fish, turkey, and beans are the best ingredients for a post-surgery daily diet.

Be active but gently

woman wearing jacket and shoes Contrary to the common belief that after surgery a person should have total bed rest, the truth is that you should be active as soon as you walk on your feet. Your face might hurt, and to imagine you moving and walking here and there with that face is surely unbearable.

But regardless, being active improves your body metabolism and unstiffen all the muscles. By being active, blood rate will increase, and the wounds can heal quickly.

Taking supplements

capsulesSupplements are not substitutes for real food. But preparing for meals is difficult and time-consuming, especially regarding your after-surgery condition.

The solution is to take supplements that contain vitamins K & E, minerals, and proteins. Vitamin K contributes strongly to bone health, while vitamin E is for the skin. Collagen supplement also enhances skin healing. That is why you should have collagen supplement too.