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Best Detox Shampoos Buying Guide for Beginners

With the increasing number in drug testing across all fronts around the world, one test that has proved to be difficult to pass is a hair drug test. It’s, therefore, a no brainer as to why several folks are looking for ways to get around it.

Luckily for them,  Epic Detox team argues that detox shampoo has as well proved over time to be the solution. But given that the market is flooded with hair detox shampoos, choosing the best, especially for beginners, it can be overwhelming. To help you buy the best detox shampoos consider the following;

Hair Type

The type of your hair matters most when it comes to using a detox shampoo. There are several hair types, and the kind of shampoo you choose should be appropriate with your hair type. The detox shampoo could damage your hair.


It’s almost common sense that the demand for a given hair detox shampoo should be an excellent indication that it can perform the functions it is designed. After all, people won’t be looking for a product that doesn’t work. Moreover, if the product has had several years in the market and still commands a high demand, then it’s indeed an excellent product that you, too, should consider.


Like most products in the market, detox shampoos also come in different sizes. Now it comes down to what you require, whether you need a large detox shampoo or a small one. For instance, what should be in your head is where you’ll be using your product to help you figure out the best size that you require. Also, you can do some research and see what other customers who have used the product are saying about its size.

Ingredients and Durability

The durability of any detox shampoo is contingent on the type of ingredients and materials used. Also, the quality of the manufacturing process can as well play a crucial role. Ensure that you check the ingredients used to ascertain that your hair detox shampoo doesn’t contain harmful chemicals that could otherwise damage your hair or retard its growth.

Price and Warranty

Sometimes they could say that price is not significant to be a factor to be considered; nevertheless, it’s extremely important. The cost of any detox shampoo should be in conjunction with the value it provides. Compare the products online to get the best fair price.

Also, a product backed with a warranty from the manufacturer is as good as the producer trusts the product, and so should you.


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4 Benefits Of Taking A Health Retreat

For many people, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a balance between work, family, and rest. With so many responsibilities and things needing your attention, it may become stressful. The world has become very fast paced, and our bodies never get the opportunity to recuperate and be unplugged from the busyness. That is why it is good to once in a while give yourself a break and escape to a place where you can relax and recharge. One such activity would be to take a health retreat like at Nosara Bed and Breakfast Retreat. Below are some benefits of taking such a retreat.

Taking A Health Retreat

Get To Detoxjuices

A health retreat center priority is to ensure their clients are healthy and well. This begins by helping them understand and change their eating habits which have an effect on how their body functions. A retreat center will have a detox program where they will provide well thought out, nutritious, organic and delicious meals that will help remove harmful substances. This meals will also help one start on the journey of healthy living as they can continue with the same program once they leave the center.

Unplug from the busy life

Taking a retreat will help an individual unplug from the fast paced life and the normal routine that one has been used to. It helps an individual disconnect from technology like computers, mobile phones or television, which at times is not necessary for one to use but due to habit, people use them. A break also from the routine is also good to help one’s mental and physical health.


Health retreats are a good way to start on your fitness goals. With a busy schedule in one’s daily routine, it may be difficult engage in daily workouts. Going for a retreat will help you learn how to incorporate your fitness goals into your daily schedule. The retreat will have different activities that one can include to achieve their fitness like yoga or simple workouts.

Pamper self, relax and unwind

massaging back Retreats offer the best opportunity for one to indulge in facials and massages where one can give attention to themselves. One can engage in a beauty therapy from the spa and also do some exfoliation of the body by steaming themselves. Such an activity will leave one feeling refreshed, glowing and relaxed. One can also take a nature walk or beach walk depending on the location of the retreat center which will have a relaxing feel by reducing stress levels.