What Makes Monkey Dong the Best

Boom! The product you have been in search for in the market is here, Monkey Dong. It is a product of the giant Serious Monkey Bizness. Monkey Dong is synthetic urine that has a unisex formula. It has a prosthetic penis for a disguise for the guys while supervised to pass a drug test. It is made in such a way that one can squeeze the pee out of the urine bag with one hand. On the same note, it does not produce crinkling or crackling plastic sound on the process. This serves to ensure you look as natural as possible. Check out monkey dong review for more information.

Package Contents

During the purchase of the product, you expect to find the package with the following;

  • One syringe used to refill the flask
  • One set of instructions on how to use it
  • One dehydrated synthetic urine
  • Four packs for organic heating
  • One elastic belt – this can fit a wrist up to 54 inches
  • Heating pads
  • One urinating, strap-on device

What it Features

monkey dong urineThe formula for the production of Monkey Dong has uric acid and urea. The two components ensure that the pee mimics the human sample consequently applied to pass a test.

It is available in various colours to match your colour. Colours available are black, Latino, tan, white, light white, and brown.

Monkey Dong has been made so real that it grows bacteria just as the human pee does. This has been achieved through the sterilization of the product. This is a sharp imitation with the sole purpose that one passes a urinalysis.

The solution in Monkey Dong package has uric acid, correct pH, colour, scent, and produces foam on shaking as it is the case to human pee.

The package is so real that the strap used to hold it in place around the waist and the valve in the strap-on dick through which the liquid comes out leaves no little question on its improvising and determination that you achieve your goal. The heating pads in the package keep the solution at the required temperature for up to 8 hours.

The heating pads keep the solution at a perfect temperature for almost 8 hours to ensure your yellow elixir is perfect to go whenever you need it.

Note that you make purchases from an authorized reseller to avoid a scenario of receiving expired products. You can always do it here: www.syntheticurinereview.com. The transportation is done discreetly by the company and ensures your privacy; this includes not showing your credit card statement on the shipping label. The availability of toll-free customer service number also amounts to excellent customer service. The shipping is done almost instantly.


It’s a product that will put your worries to bed. Monkey Dong has you covered on matters urinalysis since it has proven a high success rate in labs for many with a fix. Count on it to work, go out there have fun Monkey Dong has got you.